Sustainability & Product Responsibility

Improve the quality of lives

Sustainability improves the quality of our lives, protects our ecosystem and preserves natural resources for future generations. In the corporate world, sustainability is associated with an organization’s holistic approach, taking into account everything from manufacturing to logistics to customer service.

Circular economy principles

According to circular economy principles, products should be designed for reuse, repair and recycling. For the latter, Duijs Trading is a member of the Organization Producer Responsibility E-waste Netherlands Foundation (OPEN) which, on behalf of all manufacturers/importers of electrical appliances in the Netherlands, is responsible for the collection and recycling of e-waste. The goal is to make e-waste circular. Campaigns are being conducted under the name Wecycle to stimulate the collection and recycling of e-waste. Consumers and professionals can hand in their e-waste free of charge at one of the Wecycle collection points throughout the country.

D&C originals

D&C originals fixtures are made of 100% brass and are therefore 100% recyclable. All models are tested by Intertek Laboratories. CE & RoHS certificates are available upon request. Outdoor lights are tested for IP54 rating.


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