Our furniture offers are sourced directly within Europe , from China and other parts of Asia. Their looks reflecting their heritage , origin & culture. Functionality, simplicity and long gone craftmanship contribute to large variety of high quality pieces. Majority of these pieces are originals, dating back to beginning 1900s. Restored to match our clients requirements in a network of professional workshops , using old materials such as reclaimed wood and iron. Some of the woods we use are oak, sycamore, elm, walnut, accasia,pine and ash. Styles may vary from antique to contemporary, but quality,originality and pricing are key. For unique pieces with a rich history and cultural significance please visit this look book.
This lookbook shows you impressions of what kind of furniture and decorations you can expect to find and source with us. It can be an original or new made piece from recycled wood. You let us know your items of interest by clicking the button below, we do the rest….
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